Windows Vista, It Doesn’t Suck

I have been using Windows Vista for about a year now and while originally I was on the “Vista Sucks” bandwagon, I have since come to like it.  I am going to try to explain why, as a long time computer user, I think Vista, doesn’t suck. Let me first preface this by giving a bit of my background and a little information about why you should listen to me.  Firstly, since you are reading this, you obviously assert that my opinion on almost everything is vastly superior to anyone else’s, I mean, I have a blog;  How can what I say not be right?  On a more serious note though, I have been a windows user since the days of Windows 3.0.  I was probably 12 years old at the time, but I still used it.  I have also used almost every iteration of Windows since then.  In case […]

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