About Me

My and my perfect daughter!
My perfect daughter and I!

Who am I?

My name is Bryan Chain, I live in the Philadelphia area. I am a 30-something graduate of Drexel University with a BS in Computer Engineering and an MBA from Penn State. I work at a large healthcare software company doing Storage System Architecture.  I work with all types of primary and secondary enterprise storage platforms and fiber optic storage area networks.

Outside of work, I am a jack-of-all-trades computer nerd as a hobbyist and I am always trying to come up with some sort of nifty web/app idea to make my dream of running a successful business come true.  I have an insanely wide array of interests and too many hobbies to keep track of.  In September of 2014 my daughter was born which has given life a whole new meaning.  Her name is Kylie and her and my wonderful wife Cassandra are my everything.

I consider myself a bit of an armchair philosopher. I am always asking questions about the why’s and how’s of life and life’s mysteries.  My view on life is highly cynical and I tend to question everything.

If you are compelled you can contact me (using the form below), or you can find me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Why should you read my blog?

Well, I don’t know. I am not a very good writer, and you’ll never see me claim to be one. However, I do believe I have a pretty witty and cynical opinion of most things which hopefully at least a few people might find enjoyable to read. While I am decently educated, please do not flame me for my lack of good grammar.

I also tend to think a lot, so much so that if I didn’t scribble random stuff into notes all day, I would probably never sleep. So, maybe having a creative outlet such as this might help calm my inner demons.

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