Disclosure and Disclaimer

Full Disclosure

I have written this blog, on and off, for about eight years.  Sometimes I go on a posting spree, other times I go two years without making a post.  It is something I do in my free time, for fun, and as an outlet.  I have a full-time job and I do not have aspirations of being an Internet millionaire or a famous blogger.  My blog is currently hosted on a server which I manage and support myself.  This comes with monthly fees and administration time.  I get more than my moneys worth out of the server, for sure, but I have decided to make an attempt at monetizing this site to offset those costs.

What does this mean for you?

Not much, really.  It means I will be posting more often, which will be good for my mental well-being.  It also means that there will be a couple of advertisements around the site in unobtrusive locations.  Personally, I hate pop-up, pop-under, pop-over or any other type of ads that inhibit the reading experience.  So don’t worry, you won’t see any of those types of ads here.  Additionally some product links on this site may be affiliate links.  This will generally be to Amazon and Ebay, but I may add others when it makes sense.

Rest assured that any item I link to is an item I have actually used or otherwise believe is a good product.  I am not sponsored by, paid by, or otherwise compensated in any way for my opinion on anything.  Everything I post on this site is 100% unbiased and not a review of a product I was paid to write.  Trust me, this site gets very little traffic – no one wants to give me free stuff or pay me to review anything.

How can I help?

You don’t need to help me, really.  The biggest thing you can do to support me is to write me kind words or take part in the post comments.  I am a very feedback driven person so that is definitely the main motivator for me.  If you like a product I talk about, purchasing it via the link on my site is certainly helpful but I will not solicit donations or other forms of compensation for anything I write here.


This is mostly covered over in the Privacy Policy – in more legal terms – but I’ll reiterate here.  Basically, I’m not an expert at anything.  The closest thing I come to being an expert in is IT Storage Architecture and Systems Engineering.  Anything else, I talk about on the site, such as DIY projects, I am simply learning as I go.  Should you follow some post I write about how to build something, or paint something, and it comes out really bad – I can’t be held responsible.  I am simply sharing my learning experience hoping I can help someone.  I am not trying to get myself sued because you electrocute yourself or ruin the paint on your car.