Fabricating reasons to hate people

Hate is definitely not the correct word for this article, at least not in my case, but sometimes, especially when you live with someone, you start looking for excuses to dislike them, and the great thing is, you almost always find the excuses you were looking for.  The same is probably true for racism, sexism, and really any other type of blind prejudice.  You simply start finding reasons to dislike a person, or a group of people, which are mostly baseless.  The problem is, even when you know this, it’s almost impossible to avoid it. Why must it be like this?  It is as if one, perhaps legitimate, reason you had to dislike someone, becomes that small rip in your jeans.  You know, the kind of rip that every once in a while gets a little bit bigger;  One thing is definite, it never gets smaller.  It might start out […]

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