Developing a career and managing change.

In my relatively short career, I have been what most people consider fairly successful.  I am not rich, I do not have a six-figure income, and I am not self-employed.  I am self-made though, and I do have a very fulfilling job which I am proud to do.  As such, I thought I might take some time to share with you some of my choices throughout life, and how they have affected me, and my career. I should preface this by saying that my ultimate goal is to work for myself, and successfully run a business, preferably some sort of website that people enjoy using.  Short of attaining that lofty dream, however, I feel my conventional career path has been a successful one.  My goals in career development are independent of my overall life dreams and goals, which I work on in parallel, using my free time. Developing a Career […]

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