Anti-Social Society

I can easily admit to people that I am an asshole.  I am not being sardonic either, I am a bona-fide asshole.  I can easily be described as someone who expects more of others then I am willing to do myself.  I hold people to a higher standard then I have a right to hold them to.  I am extremely selfish, and I’m definitely a misanthrope.  I judge everyone around me as if I have a right to judge them.  Why?  I have no idea.  Maybe I feel I am entitled in some way, or I feel superior to those around me.  Maybe it is just a convenient way of pushing people away or avoiding human contact as a consequence of being particularly anti-social.  While I don’t feel I have any social anxieties, at least from a clinical sense, I definitely hate socializing.  I hate every aspect of social behavior, everything right […]

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