Age of Conan, Initial Impressions (Part 2)

Well, I am level 30 now. Not too bad in my opinion considering I have to work full time, prepare for a big move to a new place, and deal with server outages. Since I basically bashed Funcom in my last post I’m going to try to focus simply on the game itself in this one. While this is essentially a review of the game from my point of view, I don’t really want it to look like one, so I will spare you ratings of any sort and just kinda summarize my thoughts of different aspects of the game. Graphics and Sound The graphics and sound are quite simply put, superb. That is, if you have a system good enough to support it. As stated in my prior entry I believe they have underestimated the system requirements of the game a good bit. Luckily enough my girlfriend and I […]

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