Age of Conan, Initial Impressions (Part 1)

Age of Conan, as you probably know, is a new MMORPG published the company Funcom which brought you Anarchy Online; which is pretty much their only title worth mentioning. Now before I go into a review of the game itself, I want to talk about my thoughts going into the game, before actually having played it. I am very weary of Funcom. It is not a company with much of a reputation, good or bad, but I am weary of their experience with, and ability to support, such a lofty endeavor. I have played a few other MMO’s, namely World of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment) and Everquest 2 (Sony Online Entertainment) to a very high degree, and I know what I can come to expect from these games. I started playing WoW the week it was released, and I can say their release didn’t go quite so smoothly either. This tells […]

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