What’s so bad about cubicles?

For so many years I have heard people make fun of cubicles and the people who inhabit them.  Everything from TV shows to comic strips have long loved to insult the ever hated cube.  Even the people working in them yearn for that corner office to escape the “cubicle monkey” namesake.  I for one, don’t really get it.  In my relatively short career I have worked at 3 different companies across 5 different office buildings and I have yet to find a cubicle I don’t enjoy.  Have I just been lucky?  How did I escape winding up like this guy? (this was later found to be fake, but the point is the same) Office Berzerker I can understand the cubicle monkey mentality, and I have seen some examples of really poor cubicle layout which makes it seem like you are working in a sweat shop, I think a lot of […]

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