Making a bad situation worse

Why do people have a tendency to sulk?  Have you ever been really mad at someone, and just held a grudge? Too stubborn to back down when you know you were wrong?  Have problems apologizing? Purposely use body language to let your girlfriend know you are pissed off at her, but never actually say anything about it? Roommates having a party you don’t feel like participating in, and instead of just sucking it up and having fun, you isolate yourself from the group?  I hate all of these things, and yet, I also do them on a regular basis, but why? I really don’t know, to be honest.  If i did, I would probably be a much happier person.  Sometimes it is easier to just stomp off in a 5-year-old huff then it is to just accept a situation for what it is.  I have always been semi anti-social, not really in a bad […]

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