Do I really use the internets?

As a long time internet user, I have been wondering a lot lately; Do I really use the internet? I have been an internet, so-called, user since the days of AOL 1.0, CompuServ, and Prodigy. I probably haven’t gone more then a few days here and there without internet access since I was 12 years old. Now, I know I use the internet in the traditional sense: Searching for information, instant messaging, pay bills, play online games, and of course, creating web pages of my own. However, in the past few years so many trends have been developing that I just can’t seem to become a part of. It would seem that by having a network of friends and family who do not really make use of the internet, I am relinquished to not being able to truly use it myself. For example, I have probably 10 email addresses, but […]

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