Maslow’s Needs and Gaming

What does it mean to achieve something?  Is it good enough to feel like you achieve, when you really don’t?  Does the modern world provide a false sense of achievement too often, to the point at which people don’t actually do anything? Image generated using this neat tool. It is hard not to notice the impact of computers and video games on the overall productivity of oneself.  For me, being a little bit obsessive, features highlighted by the above are just the type of thing to deter me from being more productive.  I do not, however, blame them in any way for my lack of productivity.  In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it can be seen that video games in many ways fulfill a good amount of these needs.  MMORPG’s it has been seen, fulfill almost all of them. Let us start outside the realm of massively online multiplayer games.  Let […]

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