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And back again…

So I haven’t posted in a while. This is due, in no small part, to my apparent addiction to World of Warcraft. It is funny how addiction works, and even funnier when it is related to a video game. It sounds pathetic, I know, but I can assure you it is quite real, and affects a lot of people. My recent bender regarding World of Warcraft started at the launch of the latest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

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What is it about me?

What is it about me that makes people so drawn to me? My entire life I have never had a problem making friends, and people seem to just gravitate toward me in many ways. The problem is, I really do not hold myself in that high of regard, and I generally lose just as many friends as I gain, just as quickly as I gain them. What’s worse is, I really don’t mind.

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