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NetApp LUN Alignment

This is just a quick post about how to check and manually set the LUN alignment offset on the NetApp Platform. Traditionally you can only do this using the wizards in the VSC Console but in some cases you may want to create a LUN with a specific offset without using the wizard which forces you to migrate VM’s onto the newly created LUN at the time of creation. For me this was especially useful when attempting to fix alignment issues on Linux VM’s which use LVM and are not correctly identified as being mis-aligned in the VSC tool. Identifying the LUN offset The following commands will allow you to see the offset of a LUN or manually set the offset if you are trying to manually overcome disk alignment issues. If a LUN has a manually set offset (or a custom offset defined by the use of the VMWare […]

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Building a Linux HTPC

I consider myself an avid Linux user. I suppose I should qualify that by saying I love Linux, and I enjoy using Linux but I am by no means any sort of expert on the platform. With that said, I try to use it wherever I can being a big fan of the FOSS community and enjoying the ability to make something exactly how I want it. My home has always made heavy use of HTPC’s (Home Theater PC’s) and historically I have just taken whatever old hardware I had lying around and used it for this purpose. Up until about a month ago my two HTPC’s were both old Mac’s I had stopped using: A 2009 Mac Mini and a 2006 Macbook Pro. As such I left them running their native OSX and everything worked fine. I started having issues with the older Macbook Pro recently, though, where it […]

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