Reef Aquarium 3.0

Background It has been over 5 years since I last kept a reef aquarium, and as the title implies this will be the 3rd stab at it.  I want to mention, though, that the first two were not abandoned out of failure or frustration.  My first saltwater tank was a 30 gallon freshwater conversion that I had in an apartment.  When we decided to move, I set up a 65-gallon reef ready tank as its replacement so that I could move the existing livestock from one tank to the other.  Since the majority of the livestock didn’t survive the move, I consider them two different builds.  The 65-gallon was up for about a year when our house mates suddenly, and without warning, moved out, and we were forced to move again.  At that point since we had no idea what our future living situation was going to be, rather than […]

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