Election Day! So exciting!

So, finally, it is here, good old election day.  I voted, I did my part.  Yay.  I am glad it is over.  Why am I so excited?  Well, because, now I won’t have to listen to people talk about politics all day, and watch annoying tv commercials, that’s why.

Vote or Die!
Vote or Die!

Do I care about politics?  A little bit.  I mean, so far as it impacts me, or the worlds perspective toward our country, the economy, etc.  However, I really don’t care that much.  I care enough to watch the debates, then go out on election day and cast my vote.  What I don’t care for, is how suddenly, around this time of year, every four years, everyone is a pundit.  Everyone has their super strong views, and goes around spouting nonsense to everyone else.  Everyone has such passion toward their candidate.

I will go on record as saying, I do have passion toward my candidate, a little.  I do want Bush out of office quite bad.  What I don’t have passion toward is watching every asshole become an expert.  Having to bite my tongue around the office because my political views do not agree with most other white-collar peoples views, and having my precious twitter and wow chat rooms constantly full of political jargon.

I was thinking today, how many millions of dollars were spent on this campaign, and, how much of it will be filling our landfills tomorrow?  Well, according to this site, the total cost of the combined presidential campaigns this year was OVER A BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS.  For what?  Travel, food, websites, stickers, signs, and various other things that will be in the collective countries garbage can tomorrow?

I wish the process in this country worked a bit differently.  Between the conventions, the debates, and the news coverage it felt more like watching a big sporting event with the two main event boxers constantly bad mouthing each other on some grand stage then it felt like choosing the next leader of our country.

Worst part is, that even with all the advertizing, I’m still not sure why I voted the way I did.  The issues weren’t clear to me, all I know is, tax-cut this, gay marriage that, pro-choice, etc.  But what about the issues that really AFFECT ME.  I don’t know what those issues are, nor do I know where our candidates stand on them.  What I do know is, based on all those commercials, McCain is one maverick who sure doesn’t like Obama, and, Obama likes the word change, a lot.

So, I guess I will go back to not being all too concerned with it.  To all those of you who are feverishly refreshing election results websites.  Take a break for a few hours and put on fox news.  The Black Panthers are forcing all republicans to vote Obama.

3 thoughts on “Election Day! So exciting!

  1. Your P. Diddy picture is a bit out of date. That was from 2004, his meme this year was “Obama or Die”.

    I’m curious as to what makes you at all passionate about Our Savior when you are not sure what he was offering.

    To me, it seems American Elections have this way of taking marginal differences on issues, and blowing them up into epic ideological disagreements.

    Obama wants to tax some people 3% more than McCain does, so Obama is a godless communist and McCain is a radical free marketeer with a monocle and a top hat.

    Obama wants to kill slightly less people abroad than McCain does, so Obama is the candidate of Peace and McCain the candidate of War.

    America likes its change subtle.

  2. I am not that passionate really. I know he is who I want to vote for, based on my instincts.

    At the end of the day, really, aside from gas prices and taxes, little of it affects me directly.

  3. I’ve said this before, but you’re being either intentionally obtuse or just plain dense for thinking those are the only differences between them. Go suck Ron Paul’s dick. I’m glad you wasted your vote, now you can go waste your saliva.

    P.S. Come visit some time soon man, I miss ya.

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